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Discrepancy in stock exchange API


I am using python-api to fetch company data as described at

One of the properties that CompanyApi.get_company() returns is a stock_exchange. So for example available at your website it returns:

 'stock_exchange': 'NasdaqGS',

However if I now go and try to fetch information about that specific stock exchange using code provided at

and replacing identifier argument with value from response above - namely 'NasdaqGS' - it will throw an error:

HTTP response body: {"error":"StockExchange not found. The data may not be available in the Sandbox environment.","message":"An error occured. Please contact with the details."}

Is there a possibility to return value of MIC or Intrinio ID for value for stock_exchange that could be used for other APIs, rather than value that seems to be just a str?

Last time I posted a question here it was fixed in a github repo fairly quickly. However I did not get notified in any way. Can you please let me know HERE whenever you address this ticket?

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Hi, I have not been able to reproduce the response from the company api. When I use the sample provided on the page above it returns "NASDAQ" as a string formatted for simplicity of input into other endpoints, or to be used elsewhere as needed.

This is after some major changes to the Python SDK which may have fixed a potential bug, however, the stock exchange value will still be formatted as a string for ease of use.

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